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Decorative Wooden Flies 

Unique gifts for your favorite fisherman 

All these beautiful reproductions have hand carved basswood bodies textured to produce a soft realistic look. Wings are thin basswood with burned shafts and splits to create a feathery look, hackles and tail are formed with reeds or straw and inserted into the body. Hooks may be part of the body or a decorative hardwood insert such as cherry. They are then painted with  acrylics using brush and airbrush and sealed to protect from fading. Each of these wooden flies is signed and has a card attached as each is an original and  guaranteed to delight the owner .As with most handmade items, these carvings will vary in cost depending upon the complexity of each finished piece. A review of the �Gallery� page will give you an idea of cost as it relates to complexity. Most custom flies range in cost from $200 to $500.

Depending upon order volume, please allow at least three to five weeks for delivery. All orders are processed on a �First Come, First Served� basis.

SHIPPING: Due the delicate nature of these carvings, a specially prepared double box is required for each individual carving to hold it securely during shipment. . The cost of the special box, and shipping  is $35.00 to most continental US locations, in some rural zip codes there may be some additional cost I will let you know prior to shipping.

DEPOSIT: A 50% deposit in the form of a check or money order must accompany each commissioned order.

GUARANTEE: Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed. Prior to shipping, an image of your carving will be E-mailed to you for approval. If you do not approve of the image, your deposit will be refunded. If you approve the image, the carving will be shipped to you after receiving the balance of the commission cost, plus shipping and handling. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the carving, you may return it in the original box for a full refund of the commissioned price.

INQUIRIES: Please contact me to discuss your personal preferences in ordering your own custom fly carving. I am available to help you choose the perfect carving.

When requesting your own custom fly from Underwood Wildlife Studio please consider the following:
1. Colors: Do you want colors to match a specific decor?
2. Patterns: Do you want a wet or dry fly pattern? (Many dry fly patterns do not lend themselves to reproduction!)
3. Style: What type of wing shape do you want and how many?
4. Mount: Brass rod, stainless steel bar, driftwood or cutoff base?
5. Special Requests: Do you have an actual fly of your own that you want duplicated?


Currently available Flies

This bright yellow fly with golden wings and golden bands is mounted on a twisted piece of drift wood with a stainless rod. 

Size - (w) 8in - (h) 15in - (d) 4in.

Price = $200.00




This colorful bright red fly with blue bands and blue wings with gray highlights is mounted on drift wood with a brass rod. 

Size - (w) 8in - (h) 15in - (d) 4in.

Price = $200.00


This bright orange fly with green bands and gray green wings. Is mounted on a walnut log cutoff with a brass rod.

Size - (w) 8in - (h) 15in - (d) 4in.

Price = $200.00






This colorful orange brown fly has black bands red whips and gray bristles. It has white wings with gray iridescent highlights and cryptic gray bands. It is mounted on walnut cutoff  with a brass rod. 

Size - (w) 8in - (h) 15in - (d) 4in.

Price = $225.00



This colorful  black fly has red bands and opal highlights. It's blue wings have red highlights and white edges with gray cryptic bands. It is mounted on a walnut cutoff with a brass rod.

Size - (w) 8in - (h) 13in - (d) 4in.

Price = $200.00

This colorful orange brown fly  body has black bands with red highlights. It has white wings with brown shading and cryptic black bands. It is mounted on a fish shaped cherry wood  base with a brass rod. 

Size - (w) 8in - (h) 15in - (d) 4in.

Price = $200.00